Daewoo Nexia

Since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Daewoo Nexia
+ The maintenance instruction
+ Maintenance service
+ The engine
+ 3. The engine (two top camshafts)
+ Cooling system
+ Fuel and exhaust systems
+ Electric chain
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. The electronic block of management and gauges
+ Transmission
+ 10. A five-speed transmission and the main transfer RPO MM5
+ 11. Automatic Transmission
+ Steering
+ Running gear
+ 14. A forward suspension bracket
+ 15. A drive of forward wheels
+ 16. A back suspension bracket
+ Brake system
+ Body
- Heating, ventilation
   19.2. Air central air
   19.3. Diagnostics of malfunctions
   19.4. Features of the conditioner
   19.5. Work of a central air of air
   + 19.6. Management of air central air
   19.7. The relay and switches
   + 19.8. Diagnostics of malfunctions
   - 19.9. Maintenance service
      19.9.1. Replacement of sealing rings
      19.9.2. Rules of the reference with a coolant
      19.9.3. Rules of installation of connections of pipelines
      19.9.4. Maintenance of chemical cleanliness of a coolant and refrigerating oil
      19.9.5. A discharge, having added oils, откачка air, gymnastics of system KV a coolant
      19.9.6. Filter-vlagopoglotitelja installation
      19.9.7. Receiver maintenance service
   + 19.10. Removal and installation of knots of a central air of air
   19.11. Compressor V-5 – the work description
+ Electric equipment

19.9.7. Receiver maintenance service

At servicing of a receiver two sealing rings entrance and target штуцерных connections are subject to replacement only. The cartridge with a moisture absorber is not served – it is a component of not folding receiver. At receiver dismantle in system it is necessary to add demanded quantity of oil. The receiver is subject to replacement in following cases:

1) Presence of through apertures, the cracks leading to leaks of a coolant.

2) the Mesh filter of a throttle branch pipe constantly gets littered.

3) Failure of the heat exchanger of the evaporator because of corrosion of an internal surface.

It is not necessary to replace a receiver in following cases:

1) Presence only dents on the receiver case.

2) At failure of the car the receiver has not received through damages of the case.

The open end of the pipeline of system KB should be closed a protective cap or is densely fastened in a plastic package.