Daewoo Nexia

Since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Daewoo Nexia
+ The maintenance instruction
+ Maintenance service
+ The engine
+ 3. The engine (two top camshafts)
+ Cooling system
+ Fuel and exhaust systems
+ Electric chain
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. The electronic block of management and gauges
+ Transmission
+ 10. A five-speed transmission and the main transfer RPO MM5
+ 11. Automatic Transmission
- Steering
   12.2. The general description
   12.3. The reechnyj steering mechanism in gathering
   12.4. Tips of steering draughts
   12.5. Steering draughts
   12.6. A casing crankcase the steering mechanism
   12.7. Муфта a steering shaft
   12.8. A sealing cover of an aperture of a forward board of the Body
   12.9. Плунжер рейки
   12.10. The Shaft-gear wheel
   12.11. Рейка
   12.12. The needle bearing
   12.13. The directing plug рейки
   12.14. Check of neutral position рейки
   12.15. Recommendations about replacement of consolidations in the hydraulic booster
   12.16. Check of level and having added a working liquid
   12.17. Removal of air from hydrosystem
   12.18. The steering mechanism with the hydraulic booster in gathering
   12.19. Hoses and pipelines
   12.20. A tank
   12.21. Tips of steering draughts
   12.22. Steering draughts
   12.23. Plugs of hinges of steering draughts
   12.24. Муфта a steering shaft
   12.25. A sealing cover
   12.26. Hydrocylinder pipelines
   12.27. Adjustment of a preliminary tightness of a spring плунжера
   12.28. Consolidations of a shaft of the hydrodistributor and the top bearing
   12.29. The steering mechanism
   12.30. Check of neutral position рейки
   12.31. A belt of a drive of the pump
   12.32. A pulley of a drive of the pump
   12.33. The pump in gathering
   12.34. Control levers on a steering column
   12.35. A steering wheel
   12.36. The ignition lock
   12.37. A steering column
   12.38. Lever the switch, a steering shaft, a steering column (noncontrollable)
   12.39. Lever the switch, a steering shaft, a steering column (regulated)
+ Running gear
+ 14. A forward suspension bracket
+ 15. A drive of forward wheels
+ 16. A back suspension bracket
+ Brake system
+ Body
+ Heating, ventilation
+ Electric equipment

12.35. A steering wheel To remove or disconnect

Steering wheel dismantle

1. A negative wire of the storage battery.
2. An overlay of the button and electric conducting of a sound signal.
3. A nut and fixing washer. To note mutual position of a steering wheel and a steering shaft.
4. A steering wheel by means of stripper КМ-210А.
5. To unfasten a contact ring from a steering wheel if necessary.

To establish or attach

1. A contact ring on a steering wheel (if necessary).
2. To establish a steering wheel on a steering shaft, having combined the labels made before dismantle. The mechanism of return of a control lever turn indexes should settle down at the left.
3. Fixing washer and a nut. To tighten a nut of fastening of a steering wheel on the helmsman to a shaft the moment of 17 Nanometers.
4. To unbend ланки a fixing washer.
5. To attach electroconducting of a sound signal and to establish an overlay of the button of a signal.